Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law


Hitotsubashi University, Tsuda College, and Keio University together form an EU research consortium called EUSI (EU Studies Institute in Tokyo). The consortium publishes an e-mail newsletter twice a month. Since the newsletter provides information on symposiums and workshops, we recommend that you check it on a regular basis.

The Delegation of the European Union to Japan is an EU organization equivalent to the foreign ministry of a state. Information on the EU is available in both English and Japanese on its official website.

The latest information about the EU is available on its official website; including treaties, which constitute its primary law; legislation and legal acts, which constitute its secondary law; precedents of the Court of Justice of the European Union; and updates.

European Union Studies Association - Japan The European Union Studies Association - Japan was established to promote research on the EU and cooperation among EU researchers in Japan. The Association convenes an academic meeting and publishes a report once a year.