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Diploma Policy

 Based on the goal of producing creative-thinking specialists, innovators who will act with reason and rationality, and policymakers and businesspeople with leadership skills who are cultured and civil-minded, the guiding principle in the mission statement of Hitotsubashi University, Hitotsubashi Law School, aims to develop leaders in the legal matters of every sector of society and civil-minded legal professionals with well-rounded knowledge. This means to develop versatile, resourceful legal professionals who proactively address legal issues inherent in current Japanese society, evaluate issues from the perspective of justice, the principle of law, while giving due consideration to the current situation, and propose innovative ideas, which may make a breakthrough in the situation, in the form of realistic solutions. More specifically, we aim to nurture legal professionals, who are (1) well-versed in business legal affairs, (2) have a broad international perspective, and (3) have an acute sensitivity to human rights issues.

 To that end, Hitotsubashi Law School sets the curriculum that strictly requires students to obtain the predetermined number of credits to advance to the next year and fulfill the annual GPA levels set for the required subjects. A Juris Doctor degree is conferred to students who have fulfilled these annual requirements. While the immediate purpose of law schools is to have students pass the national bar examination, the students who graduate from Hitotsubashi Law School are expected not only to pass the bar examination, but also to have practical and creative skills that enable them to play a leading role in their future career with high aspirations to contribute to society.